Employee Spotlight: Dylan Dove

Employee Spotlight
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“The people at LCS have all been incredibly friendly and helpful. Everyone is willing to answer questions and assist each other.”

Having a problem-solver as part of the team is crucial—especially for a software company like LCS. As part of our Technology team, Dylan Dove is accustomed to asking the right questions and finding solutions that benefit our internal teams and our customers. A Cincinnati native, Dylan joined LCS two short years ago -and has already made quite an impact!

A natural problem-solver, he is constantly working to improve how our software performs. Dylan has taken the lead on several application programming interface (API) projects that have made big impacts internally and externally.

Recently, we sat down with Dylan to discuss his career with LCS.

What does a typical day look like?

As a Software Developer in our Technology Department, a typical day for Dylan includes tracking down answers and working to resolve customer issues. On any given day, Dylan might be improving the performance of Rent Manager property management software, adding new features to the Rent Manager API, or investigating a customer’s API needs.

How has LCS helped you in your career development?

Although he started in the midst of the pandemic, Dylan has enjoyed the career development opportunities available here. “LCS has been a tremendous opportunity for me and has helped to vastly increase my knowledge and capabilities developing software and improving performance in applications,” says Dylan.

Recently, Dylan expanded his skillset by taking the lead role in an API project. “I created a console application essentially from the ground up to aggregate information from our API to help determine the performance of our various endpoints. It was one of the biggest projects I’ve worked on, and I wrote it almost entirely by myself. It’s the project I’m most proud of during my time at LCS.”

What advice would you give new hires?

“The best advice I could give new hires is to never be afraid to ask questions. The people at LCS have all been incredibly friendly and helpful. Everyone is willing to answer questions and to assist each other.”

What do you like to do outside of work?

Dylan stays busy with quite a few hobbies, including crafting and painting terrains for Dungeons and Dragons, woodworking, building furniture, working on cars, and more. He also enjoys spending time in nature and expanding his garden with his wife. “I have too many hobbies!” he joked.

LCS Employee Dylan Dove
LCS Employee Dylan Dove Headshot 2
LCS Employee Dylan Dove and wife

We’re so grateful to have Dylan on our team. If you’re interested in joining Dylan as an LCS employee, check out our open positions here.