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Build Better Customer Service With Intuitive Service Desk Software

Give your customers the ultimate customer service experience with qManage service desk software. Cloud-based and easy to use, qManage allows your team to field service tickets and phone calls from anywhere, at any time. Organize customer service issues, map customer progress, establish multiple call queues, capture a comprehensive history of every conversation, and so much more. Your support team will be able to identify and respond to your customers’ pain points with unparalleled service.


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Relationship Management

qManage’s detailed customer overview allows your support team to provide a top-notch customer service experience. It is a central hub for all customer interactions, questions, requests, concerns, and more—providing a complete picture of the customer and their needs so you can deliver personalized and timely solutions.

Ticket Creation

Create a historical record of every customer issue with a comprehensive ticket system. Each time your customers call in, representatives can track the conversation in real time, link products or contacts to specific tickets for follow-up, and more. You can even create searchable ticket categories and track each step towards resolution. This way, no matter which agent answers the call, your entire team can effortlessly contribute to the customer resolution in a way that increases customer satisfaction.

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Multi-Channel Support

Keep track of every customer interaction, no matter where they originate, with multi-channel support. Create tickets for interactions received by email, phone, web, mobile, or even social media and chats. Plus, take advantage of our NDT VoIP integration to keep your customer data and call data conveniently connected and all accessible in one place.

Workflows & Automations

Create and enforce workflows through tickets, customizations, and specific queues. Utilize the power of organization to route tickets to the right agents with automated notifications. These workflows allow your agents to easily collect the right data to help the customer and provide them with the right solutions.

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Analytics & Reporting

qManage provides you with real-time analytics and visuals that help you understand the ins and outs of your operation. Review ticket history and get convenient reports that provide you with transparency and increased efficiency to help meet your customers’ needs


qManage gives your support staff the freedom and flexibility of a customized software solution to best manage your specific procedural needs. Create custom filters for tickets so they’re easier to find, sort tickets into categorical lists, and more.


Take Your Customer Service To The Next Level

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