About Us

London Computer Systems (LCS) is a leading provider of property management software and business-critical technology solutions. From comprehensively managing your investment-property portfolio to keeping your business’ data safe and secure, we leverage technology and unmatched customer service to propel your business forward.

At LCS, software isn’t just software—it’s the key to success.

Our Story

We begin every day with the same two goals in mind: serve the technology needs of our customers and make their work lives easier.

It all started in the early 1980’s when our President and CEO, Dave Hegemann, had that same vision for his father. His family owned and managed a mixed-use property at a time when there were no software solutions available to simplify their work.

Everything was done by hand and managed in folders, and while that had always been the method of doing things, Dave knew there was a better way.

After writing the initial code in his teens, Dave developed the first version of Rent Manager to help his father—and ultimately, thousands of other property management professionals—get the job done faster and more efficiently.

At the time, Dave thought it was just a fix for his family’s business. But as it turns out, we all have pretty similar problems. And when someone finds a solution that can work for all property owners and managers—regardless of their portfolio, size, or industry—then the lives of professionals everywhere can be made easier, every day.

Today, LCS has branched out, providing proven software, IT services, web design, and VoIP phone system solutions to companies big and small. Our core values of quality, urgency, and execution continue to pave the way for future developments and solutions to our customers’ needs.