LCS' Midyear Events Recap for an Amazing Workplace Culture

Company Spotlight

2024 is already halfway over! It’s been a busy year so far with a lot of hard work, completed projects, and fun internal events that help keep our employees engaged and enjoying themselves! We love building connections with each other and creating memories that will last forever! We value our workplace culture and fill it with fun and community!

From birthday cakes to Bring Your Kid to Work Day, here’s a recap of our past 6 months of fun:


Rent Manager’s Birthday

Every year, we celebrate the launch of our flagship product, Rent Manager! Rent Manager celebrated its 36th birthday on January 7th, and we marked the occasion with cake for everyone.

A birthday cake to celebrate the day Rent Manager was launched 37 years ago.
LCS employees eating cake to celebrate Rent Manager.

Super Smash Bros Tournament

Our team loves friendly competitions and anything Mario-related! So naturally, we held a Super Smash Bros Tournament to see who the real Smash Bros pro was. Employees fought their way through a challenging bracket-style competition during two days of fun. It was a great way to blow off some steam in the office and have fun with coworkers.

LCS employees playing Super Smash bros at the LCS office.
LCS employees playing Super Smash Bros at the LCS office.

Brewhaus Bakery Volunteering

LCS employees had a paw-some time at Brewhaus Bakery and Dog Bones, where they rolled up their sleeves and rolled out some dough to bake dog bones. The event was a fur-tastic (sorry, too many puns?) blend of teamwork and tail-wagging fun as our volunteers got creative with bone shapes and personalized stamps. After the treats were baked to perfection, they were packaged for distribution at local shelters to give back to the community.

LCS employees volunteering together at Brehaus Dog Bones.
LCS employees volunteering together at Brehaus Dog Bones.


Match-up Mixers

At our Match-up Mixers event, employees from various departments mingled and shared their professional experiences and personal stories with colleagues they may not have met before. The event featured engaging icebreaker activities and “speed networking” rounds, ensuring everyone had the chance to connect with a diverse group of coworkers. The Match-up Mixers experience was a huge hit, underscoring LCS’ commitment to fostering a cohesive and connected workplace culture.

Company Recipe Exchange

We spiced things up with a Company Recipe Exchange, where employees shared their best recipes to create the ultimate LCS Cookbook! From family favorites to creative concoctions, the cookbook is a delicious digital collection of our team’s culinary talents. Bon appétit!


Rent Manager Integrations Expo

We love building connections! Our Rent Manager Integrations Expo was an exciting event where employees had the chance to interact with technology providers that are integrated with our flagship product, Rent Manager property management software. The Expo was a hub of activity as employees explored partner booths and learned about each integrated technology provider and their products and services that enhance our customers’ operations. From demos to Q&A sessions, the event was packed with opportunities to discover new ways to streamline user workflows and boost efficiency. The Rent Manager Integrations Expo is always a hit, leaving everyone inspired and equipped with fresh ideas to take our capabilities to the next level.

LCS employees meeting a Rent Manager integrated partner at the LCS and Rent Manager Integrations Expo.
LCS employees meeting a Rent Manager integrated partner at the LCS and Rent Manager Integrations Expo.

LCS Bracket Challenge

March Madness at LCS was a slam dunk! Employees filled out their brackets with hopeful predictions, competing for the top spot as the games unfolded. The excitement was palpable as upsets and buzzer-beaters kept everyone on the edge of their seats. In the end, three employees won gift cards to reward their basketball bracket intuition!

LCS Easter Egg Hunt

Who says looking for Easter Eggs is just for kids? We hid hundreds of eggs around the office and had employees scour and search for treat-filled treasures. It was a festive and engaging way for everyone to indulge their inner child and celebrate together at LCS.

Food Trucks are Back!

Every year, we welcome food trucks to the LCS office for a delicious treat right outside our front door! We started the 2024 Food Truck Season in March as the weather warmed up, and employees were excited for the return!  

LCS employees outside the LCS office at a food truck.
LCS employees outside the LCS office at a food truck.


The Great LCS Bake-off

The aroma of freshly baked treats filled the office during the Great LCS Bakeoff! Employees showcased their confectionary talents with an impressive spread of desserts ranging from cookies and cakes to macarons and brigadeiros. Colleagues gathered to taste and judge each creation, savoring the flavors and debating their favorites. The competition was fierce yet friendly, with participants sharing baking tips and stories behind their recipes. It was a sweet celebration of creativity and teamwork at LCS, highlighting the diverse talents and culinary passions of our staff.

Company Lunches: Skyline and Chick-fil-A

We brought in Chick-fil-A and Skyline as a tasty treat in March and April. These gatherings provided a fun, flavorful break from the workday, and fostered a relaxed atmosphere where colleagues could mingle over chili cheese coneys or indulge in Chick-fil-A’s signature sandwiches and nuggets. The lunches satisfied appetites and strengthened team bonds through shared meals and casual conversations.

LCS employees eating a company lunch.
LCS employees eating a company lunch.
LCS employees eating a company lunch.

GCNKAA 5k for Rent

LCS employees laced up their running shoes and hit the pavement for the GCNKAA 5K for Rent! LCS sponsored the event, and several employees participated in the race itself! GCNKAA Race is a 5k fundraiser that raises rental assistance resources for families in need. And here at LCS, we love doing good for our community.


Mental Health Awareness Month

LCS celebrated Mental Health Awareness Month with a diverse lineup of activities to promote well-being. Employees enjoyed yoga, meditation, and energizing coffee trucks, along with games and puzzle breaks for mental stimulation. A group walk in Loveland provided a refreshing outdoor activity, complemented by in-office Financial Planning Lunch and Learns that delivered practical insights. The highlight of the month-long observance was the Doggie De-stress sessions—featuring therapy dogs provided by Pet Partner of Greater Cincinnati—that delivered moments of relaxation, joy, and sweet puppy smiles.

LCS employees participating in Mental Health Awareness Month at LCS and petting therapy dogs.
LCS employees participating in Mental Health Awareness Month at LCS and doing Yoga in the office.
LCS employees participating in Mental Health Awareness Month at LCS and doing a puzzle for a brain break.

Memorial Day Cookout

Our annual Memorial Day Cookout was a sizzling success! LCS observed Memorial Day with a delicious cookout with hot dogs and juicy cheeseburgers on the menu. With the warm weather, it was a great time to eat outside and enjoy each other’s company! Our workplace culture is filled with some delicious food!

LCS employees having our annual Memorial Day Cookout lunch at the office.
LCS employees having our annual Memorial Day Cookout lunch at the office.


Olympics Spirit Week

As we gear up for our annual LCS Olympics in August, it was time to feel the team spirit with Spirit Week in June! We split all employees into eight different teams for the LCS Olympics, and during Spirit Week, they played a week-long game of Capture the Flag around the office! Teams strategically hid flags throughout the building while stealthily locating rival teams’ flags. The friendly competition brought out everyone’s strategic prowess and geared them up for even more friendly competition come August!

Bring Your Kids to Work Day

We celebrated Bring Your Kid to Work Day in June, with two days filled with laughter, learning, and excitement. Our team had the opportunity to introduce their children to LCS and showcase their workplace and roles within the company. The kids gained valuable insights into their parents’ jobs and how our company operates. They got to see what a fun workplace culture looks like day-to-day! Alongside educational activities, we added a touch of fun with games and Mario Kart races, ensuring everyone enjoyed themselves.

Kids cheering at LCS' Bring Your Kid to Work Day.
Kids coloring at LCS' Bring Your Kid to Work Day.
A LCS parent with her child at LCS' bring Your Kid to Work Day event.
Kids getting a tour of the LCS office at LCS' bring Your Kid to Work Day event.

We’re Halfway There!

We still have six months to go in 2024, but LCS has already had so much fun with friendly competitions, amazing food, and great connections! We’re excited about our annual LCS Olympics in August and more events to come in the later half of the year! Stay tuned for even more exciting company news, workplace culture highlights, and follow all the latest updates in real time on our Facebook and Instagram.

Want to join in on the LCS fun and have a job where you can play as hard as you work? Check out our current career openings at LCS and apply to join our team today!