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Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, and while the holiday may be about spending quality time with your loved ones, we couldn’t help but reflect on how our customers and employees show us love every day.

At LCS, we cherish feedback from all avenues. Receiving and implementing strategies to improve our business operations is how we continue to provide better services for our customers and a better work-life for our employees. Suggestions for improvement are valuable, but we can’t help but get the warm fuzzies whenever we get a genuine compliment from a customer, or when an employee tells us just how much they enjoy working at LCS.

We’ve compiled some of the sweet testimonials our customers and employees have shared about LCS recently.

Our Customers Have Our Heart

If it weren’t for our clients, we wouldn’t be here! Every day we strive to make our customers’ businesses better with our products and services. We support making property management as stress-free as possible with our flagship product, Rent Manager, and give companies the technological resources—like NDT VoIP Phone Services or cybersecurity with our LCS IT Services—they need to grow and thrive. Our award-winning customer service, excellent training team, and dynamic Rent Manager User Conference are just some of the reasons our clientele love working with us.

“Our experience [with Rent Manager/LCS] has been great so far. It’s not only the software, but it’s the customer support we’ve received. When you’re new to the system, you have a lot more questions, so it’s been a wonderful experience.”

  • Fred Rice, Spectrum Utilities

“Your support is where it’s at! [It’s] the best feature. And the available education—Thursday classes, RMU (Rent Manager University), webinars, etc.”

  • Rachel Crow, Owner/Operator of ACE Property Management

“All the team are friendly and know the product. This makes it so much easier for us who don’t. Also, they are very patient with people, such as myself, who are not computer savvy.”

  • Sandy Granville, Innisfail Self Storage & RV Parking

“[The team] is beyond excellent. Whatever you all are doing to train your support team, please continue [to do so]. Each team member has always been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They make service calls easy and quick.”

  • Patience, 215 Rentals LLC

“Your team is always very helpful and professional. Every single call I have ever made has been great, and I ended the call feeling as if my business was truly important to you.”

  • Lance Brace, Helios Property Management

Fall in Love with Our Team

While our customers are our bread and butter, we wouldn’t grow without our employees’ hard work and dedication. Part of being a top-rated workplace is giving back to your team, so we continually strive to make LCS the best place to work. From fun events to personalized career coaching, every part of our office culture is built around showing our employees how much we value them.

“The company culture at LCS is unmatched from any company I’ve worked for in the past. Whether that’s being greeted at the door with a welcoming smile, having Skyline catered, or filling out March Madness brackets and competing with my coworkers, there’s always something going on to engage our employees with one another, which is something I value.”

  • Evan Grawe, Product Support Team Leader

“LCS has been a game changer for my professional career. Since my first day, I have felt invested in not only as an employee but as a person. That can be difficult to achieve in a hybrid role but the team here at LCS has it figured out. The thorough training for the role helped ease the transition and the company events created an inclusive culture for everyone. I truly enjoy my job.”

  • Andrea Godby, Customer Success Specialist II

“I have never worked with a place with such a tight-knit, welcoming, and empathetic cast of people. The moment I need help or if I am having difficulty troubleshooting something, I have 10 people who drop everything to help.”

  • Mackenzie Petit, IT Support Specialist

Spread the Love Around the Office

Part of showing employees how much we value them includes creating an environment where praise and ‘pats on the back’ are readily shared between coworkers. The virtual rewards site, Fond, allows employees to give shoutouts to their fellow teammates for a job well done, or just to say thanks. Here are some of the recognitions shared on Fond this month between LCS employees:

This past holiday season had us feeling the love around the office with our department holiday parties. Each year, several employees from each department are bestowed LCS Excellence Awards, indicating the recipients’ exceptional performance in their professional pursuits during the calendar year. These awards, voted on by the honorees’ fellow team members, are a key indicator of our culture of support and recognition for a job well done.

LCS Excellence Awards Recipients
LCS Excellence Awards Recipients

Who Do You Love?

A little appreciation goes a long way all year round, not just on Valentine’s Day. However, if you’re feeling the love like we are, why not take a moment to show your coworkers, customers, or friends just how much you care about them? Send a handwritten note, or take the time to tell them just how much they mean to you. It’s never a bad idea to spread positivity!

If you’ve been thinking about a career change, there’s never been a better time to fall in love with what you do. Visit our careers page to check out our open positions and apply!